These are creative and technological innovation Blockchain-based challenges oriented to several industries that might give an answer to one or more identified needs in each of the sectors.

If we think in a few industries, Blockchain may facilitate international payments, online identification management, know-your-customer (KYC) programs, the use of smart contracts, fraud prevention, medical registries processing, among many other applications.

These Blockchain Challenges are being launched for everyone who is interested in the technology:

- Students who are working on Blockchain and who want to test their skills in new applications;

- Startups aiming to develop their businesses through Blockchain;

- Or enterprises who want to adopt Blockchain as their way of work, facilitating or improving their working processes. With the Blockchain Challenges, they have the ideal opportunity to experiment their ideas and test them in a marketplace environment.

The Blockchain Challenges are being created to address several themes and industries, such as the Administrative Modernization, Blockchains Interoperability, Sustainable Development, Health, Mobility, Banking, Payment Services, Retail, Energetic Management, among others.