EMEL Mobility Challenge

This challenge is intended to identify a Blockchain based solution that interconnects car ownership titles with parking discs from a specific parking catchment area


Proposed by

EMELIt is with a great orientation towards innovation and excellence that EMEL – Empresa Municipal de Mobilidade e Estacionamento de Lisboa, E. M., S. A. (Lisbon Municipal Enterprise of Mobility and Parking) commits itself to make Lisbon a more modern, accessible and sustainable city, while making sure the necessary economic and social balance with the development of new technological solutions on a long-term perspective. EMEL also aims to improve the mobility conditions within the city and to provide their clients the time and money-saving needed to the functioning of smart and organized cities.


Winning Project

The concept proposed by Marionete facilitates the process of issuing couplets and makes this process much more efficient, less bureaucratic and less susceptible to fraud.

For eligible customers, it means that they could purchase a parking ticket in a much simpler and immediate way.

Based on Blockchain technology, this solution and the guarantees it provides enable different organizations to share processes and information securely and in this way it becomes possible to streamline processes, improve the results of these organizations and people's lives. 

Blockchain technology has been applied to identity applications in areas such as passports, digital identities, residency, birth documentation, wedding certificates, identifications, online account logins, among others. Creating an identity on Blockchain can give companies and individuals greater control over who has which information and how to access it. Recently, in February 2018 Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) announced plans to setup a Blockchain-based vehicle lifecycle management system in 2020 that will provide customers a vehicle history.

By combining a decentralized Blockchain with identity verification, a unique identification can be linked to act as a watermark which can be assigned to every transaction of any asset. As Blockchain addresses all of the functionalities and challenges associated with identification and verifiable transactions this presents a great opportunity for matching car ownership titles with a specific parking disc.

With this challenge we would be interested in one of two solutions:

A) A unique Blockchain that integrates data (car ownership title data and parking disc data) from both entities. Such solution must integrate both EMEL and IMT requirements.


B) two Blockchain based on an open, interoperable foundation with a robust decentralized identity ecosystem that is accessible to all. The solution can be based on Decentralized Identity Foundation (DIF) with the following key components: W3C Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs); Identity Hubs; Universal DID Resolver and Verifiable Credentials.

We are particularly interested in solutions that leverage shared data and distributed solutions to:

  • Use car ownership title data to match with parking disc data and create an integrated registry
  • Integrate data of records (car ownership, owner data, parking disc data) to produce useful data services;
  • Guarantee the robustness of the registry records within both car ownership and parking registry entities;
  • Predict future car parking disc needs and increase owners satisfaction levels.


More information on the Challenge

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