How can we use Blockchain in the Human Resources hiring process for a company?



The challenge is an initiative developed by everis Portugal in partnership with the Portuguese Blockchain Alliance. It is based on the following challenge: How can we use Blockchain in the Human Resources hiring process for a company? Through this challenge, is intended to automate the process of hiring human resources for a company, ensuring that the certificates and courses of the participant presented in the curriculum are legitimate, that the signature of the contract between employee and employer is automated through the digital signature and that the work’s insurance agreement between employer and insurer is instantaneously done.

The everis Blockchain Challenge has as objectives:

  1. a) Authenticate the curriculum information, done by the training institutions;
  2. b) Automate the process of agreements with external entities in the hiring process (e.g., Insurance, Health Insurance, Food Coupons);
  3. c) Track the information in the curriculum throughout employee life cycle;
  4. d) Promote contracts signatures by employee and employer, by digital key, making the access to copies instantly available to both parties.

The platform should ensure to be in compliance with GDPR, data security and also contribute to the decrease of the use of paper during the hiring processes.


Expected outcomes


As expected outcomes, is the presentation of solutions in automation the process of hiring human resources, taking into account aspects such as feasibility, validity, originality, or degree of innovation, for example.

The expected solutions can be presented as new apps, services, algorithms, technologies to integrate databases and new tools that support business decisions.


Expected impacts

Contribute to the improvement of organizational processes, in order to develop innovative solutions, taking into account the use of Blockchain technology. The measurement of the impact will be made through the analysis of the solutions, according to the following criteria:

- Confidence in the information in the curriculum;

- Efficiency in the relationship with external entities;

- Curriculum monitoring

- Facilitated contract signature process.


Please check the full regulation for this challenge in this PDF file.