Open Innovation Challenge 2019

This is the ideal challenge for the most "out-of-the-box" ideas!


Proposed by

Portuguese Blockchain Alliance



The Blockchain technology might be in almost every industry. Even the ones that are not that obvious will be impacted by this paradigm. Health, Agriculture or Media are just a few examples of these industries.

This open innovation challenge is looking for the best solutions for the industries that are not represented in the other Blockchain Challenges launched by the Alliance partners. If you have an idea and you do not see it fitting in any of the other challenges, this is your chance!

Through this Challenge, we are defying the participants to show all their creativity to imagine, create and develop a solution or a concept that goes beyond the other challenges without losing its ground-breaking value.



It can be provided to the participants of this Challenge the following data:

- Anonymized data from third parties;

- Georeferenced data;

- Statistical data (demographic, environmental, economic, socio-geographic, and legal);

- Decharacterized data according to the idea presented by the respondents.


Expected Outcomes

The expected outcomes of these challenges include new ways of working within a given sector and improvement of existing processes, among others. The solutions presented should take into account aspects such as their feasibility, validity, originality, or degree of innovation.


Expected Impact

This challenge gives participants the opportunity to develop something transformative; this can be used in a broad spectrum of functions/sectors; with the potential to change the process and develop a solution to previously unresolved issues.

The Portuguese Blockchain Alliance will consider the applications presented as true game changers, with great impact and clearly addressing existing business challenges, seizing the opportunities provided by the market.


Please check the full regulation for this challenge in this PDF file.

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