REN Energy Challenge

How can we use Blockchain to leverage the Portuguese energy grid?

Proposed by

RENREN - Redes Energéticas Nacionais works on the development of a more efficient, secure and competitive energy system, which guarantees the access of energy to all, with the lowest possible cost. REN has two main business areas: electricity and natural gas. In Portugal, it operates the main transport infrastructures, carries out the global management of the National Electric System and the National Natural Gas System. In addition, it also holds a natural gas distribution concession in the northern coastal region of Portugal. With a strong commitment to sustainable development, it consistently invests in the promotion of knowledge and research and development, deepening the relationship between academia and industry, with a view to anticipating solutions to the major technological and environmental challenges that arise at national and International.

Winning Project

The solution proposed by Blockbird Ventures is a solution called " +" that allows the purchase and sale of energy, allowing the buyer to choose how the energy was produced, for example, solar, wind or other type of production.

Blockbird's proposal uses Ethereum ERC-721 token, which are unique, can be sold to other users, keeps a record of transactions and is easily auditable.

Honorable mention


The Innov4u team presented a solution based on a marketplace so that you can buy and sell energy. Producers communicate to the market the willingness to trade for a certain period of time. At the same time, buyers will have the opportunity to see the energy that can be purchased.

The proposal allows to revolutionize the access to the market of production and commercialization of energy with a single, universal and decentralized energy market of registry, provider of services of added value and with homogenization of the conditions of access.

Projects Finalists

INESC-TEC's proposal is based on a marketplace for the purchase and sale of energy production surpluses. Through a P2P market, a microproducer can sell its surplus production to, say, a neighbor.

Through Ethereum, the suggested proposal 'tokenizes' the energy and the market keeps a record of the orders of purchase and sale of energy.

SpekSciences has proposed a transactional platform between producers, marketers and aggregators that enables P2P marketing based on Blockchain technology.

All transactions are made through the platform suggested by SpekScience in the form of smart contracts.



Through the use of Blockchain technology and smart contracts the challenge is to create a platform for the negotiation of the purchase and sale of energy where micro / mini-producers can have an additional source of income and consumers the option to choose the supplier cheaper.


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