Alibaba and IBM lead received patent list related to Blockchain

In August, Alibaba, with 90 patents, and IBM, with 89, led the list of companies most patents related to Blockchain technology received during 2018. Mastercard is on the third position of this ranking.

The iPR Daily, a media body specializing in intellectual property, has published a ranking of entities around the world focused on patents related to Blockchain. The data were collected until August 10 and published on the last day of the same month.

According to this ranking, the Chinese company Alibaba is the company that, during this year, has invested more in Blockchain, having received a total of 90 patents related to the technology. IBM is ranked second with 89 patents. Closing the 'podium' appears to Mastercard with 80 patents.

Bank of America has received 53 patents and in the fifth position a Chinese company, this time the Bank of China, has received a total of 44 patents related to its digital currency central bank project.

According to the iPR Daily, this ranking has information from companies in China, the European Union, America, Japan and South Korea, in addition to data from WIPO, World Intellectual Property Organization.