Aragon will be the first autonomous community of Spain to use Blockchain

The autonomous community of Aragon in northeastern Spain will be the first in the country to apply Blockchain technology in its public administration. The government of Aragon denominates the technology as "transformer".

Fernando Gimeno, the Finance and Public Administration advisor to the Aragon government, has signed a contract with Alastria - a Blockchain ecosystem with more than 274 entities, including companies and institutions that create Blockchain-based tools in line with the legal frameworks of Spain and the European Union. As a result of the partnership, Aragon will become the first Spanish autonomous community to provide services based on Blockchain.

Gimeno called the contract "transformer", and explained that the world "will suddenly and strongly perceive" the power of Blockchain technology in the near future. Fernando Gimeno also pointed out that Blockchain is "the future of technology" and "fundamental" for public administration.

The counselor believes that Blockchain will improve transparency and efficiency of management, which in turn will attract business and investment. He added that regional administration officials are already being trained to work with the technology in order to familiarize themselves with its "enormous potential."