Australia wants to put driving licenses in Blockchain

The government of the Australian state of New South Wales is turning to Blockchain to hold a pilot in the state for the scanning program of the driving license of its inhabitants and should be implemented in 2019.

Last August, the state government in question said it would lead the pilot to 140,000 licensees in the state before a formal implementation in 2019. Secure Logic, an Australian IT company and technology partner for the project, said this week that its Blockchain platform will support the initiative to protect data in a distributed way.

Called TrustGrid, this Blockchain network has already been tested on a preliminary pilot of the scheme conducted in the city of Dubbo last year.

The goal of the new program is to use a distributed network to authenticate and store driving license data so users can present their digital credentials through a mobile application. In this way, they will not need physical licenses to prove their age and identity when verified by the police.

The bill follows a bill passed in May that granted legality to government projects that seek to allow residents to submit license data digitally, for example through a Blockchain network, according to the report.