Bancor starts cross-token trading between Ethereum and EOS

Bancor announced that it has concluded its partnership with EOS to provide token exchange between Blockchain, in this case EOS and Ethereum.

Originally announced in September, Bancor has now expanded to EOS Blockchain by using its BancorX decentralized application (DApp) to enable users to convert Ethereum tokens to EOS, and vice versa.

In a statement, Galia Benartzi, Bancor's co-founder and head of business development, said "the ability to easily convert cross-asset points into a future in which token projects and users have the power to interact seamlessly with any Blockchain that best meets your needs. "

BancorX currently supports a series of Ethereum ERC20 tokens and uses its own BNT token to do cross-Blockchain transfers. The company also reported that the DApp cross-blockchain was built in partnership with LiquidEOS, Bancor's "Block Producer" (BP) - the equivalent of a miner in the Bitcoin (BTC) network.

In the same announcement, Bancor announced that the Bprotocol Foundation would transfer $ 10 million in value to Blockchain EOS using the tool to "encourage the development of EOS and token liquidity, in addition to serving as a symbol of faith in security and promise of EOS ".