Blockchain could become a market of 6 billion euros in the future

The adoption of Blockchain will become a multimillion-dollar opportunity for large companies such as IBM, Amazon and Microsoft, among many others, according to Bank of America estimates.

Based on the analysis, Blockchain's entire addressable market will eventually be more than 6 billion euros, although analysts have not "tried to record a timeline" of when this will happen, as the technology is still not widely adopted .

Potential recipients could join Blockchain with existing cloud computing operations and improve supply chain operations, according to the Bank of America analyst.

Assuming that only 2% of current servers work one day exclusively for Blockchain, Bank of America estimates that the technology could become a $ 7 billion market, just over 6 billion euros. Bank of America identified The company has identified nine companies that may benefit from the eventual adoption of Blockhcain, including IBM, Amazon, Microsoft and Oracle.

Bank of America noted that while there is a wide range of estimates of what Blockchain can do, its ability to generate money has not yet been proven. "Many Blockchain use cases have been identified, but complete products / services have not yet been built and are not used in production," the analyst wrote.