ANSP and Alliance sign protocol of cooperation

Academic Network at São Paulo (ANSP) and the Portuguese Alliance of Blockchain promote partnership between Brazil and Portugal:

Portuguese Alliance of Blockchain announces that it has signed a partnership agreement with the Academic Network at São Paulo (ANSP). In this way, the two entities will jointly promote Blockchain technology, expanding their operations in Brazil as well.

The ANSP Network develops and maintains infrastructure and Internet services and data communication in general that, together with the ANSP Technical Reserve Program of FAPESP, provide the research and education community of the State of São Paulo with the necessary technological means to access to information around the world, to sharing knowledge, to developing collaborative projects and to large-scale innovation.

The protocol was signed during the visit made by the ANSP delegation to Lisbon in the first half of March. Between 11 and 15, meetings were held with partners from the Alliance, both business and academic, such as Abreu Advogados, Blockbird, Ulisboa and Ulusófona Sciences.

As a result of this agreement, a long-term partnership and the execution of joint projects between the entities were established. These projects include collaboration on technology events and joint content on the subject. Already for 2019 are expected news promoted by the partnership between ANSP and Alliance.