Blockchain Association of Africa (BAA) and the Portuguese Blockchain Alliance celebrate partnership agreement.

In April 2019, BAA and ALL2BC signed a partnership protocol, aiming to promote actions directed to the field of training and development of applications in Blockchain.


Incorporated in 2018 the Blockchain Association of Africa (BAA) has been the voice of Blockchain technology in Africa since 2014. BAA speaks for an industry that aims to touch every African everyday life in every corner of the continent by providing solutions to everyday problems, providing needed jobs, career opportunities in technology, and investing in Communities that serve throughout Africa. The Blockchain Association of Africa ("BAA ") is an independent and self-regulating organization for the blockchain industry. BAA allows international brands, companies, start-ups, investors, developers, service providers and regulators to connect and collaborate.

The protocol is valid as of April 2019, and activities are planned together between the associations, in order to mutually broaden the boundaries of blockchain action.