CIONET celebrates protocol with IAPMEI in the Blockchain initiative

CIONET and IAPMEI have established a collaboration agreement with the aim of promoting interaction in institutional initiatives with the participation of IAPMEI in a set of activities.

The program of awareness and information about Blockchain technology, known as the Portuguese Alliance of Blockchain, is already starting this month due to its purpose of creating synergies between the various players involved with the theme. From now until November will be a series of activities around this technology. Among the actions planned is a portal with Sandboxes, where Alliance participants - students, start-ups, etc. - can develop solutions and concepts based on Blockchain.

In parallel, will be launched a roadshow that will reach students of higher education and business associations at a national level. Students, start-ups and companies will also be invited to respond with solutions based on Blockchain to challenges launched by players involved in the Alliance. The program will culminate in a final conference that will involve professionals in the Blockchain area. This technology consists of an information bank that functions as a record-keeping, tamper-evident and extremely efficient register of significant data and events, such as monetary transactions.

Under the agreement, it is planned to hold information sessions in partnership between the two entities. The target of these actions are the business associations, which aim to promote the competitiveness and innovation of small and medium-sized Portuguese companies through the use of Blockchain.

The national partners and target audience for this action are educational institutions, business associations, government entities, companies and technology partners. The purpose is to equip the national economic system with knowledge so that there is a broad preparation for the technological revolution that will come from the changes caused by Blockchain.

This initiative also extends across borders, and at the international level, the partners and target audience are the companies that are developing solutions in Blockchain, consortiums, associations and institutions linked to the work developed in this area, investors, specialists and partners technological developments.

Rui Serapicos, Managing Partner of CIONET, stresses that "the main objective of this partnership with IAPMEI is to boost the development of the business fabric, taking on the priority of making Portugal stand out as a leading country in the technological and economic revolution, prompted by the adoption of solutions based on Blockchain, thereby developing the growth potential of Portuguese companies."