CIONET signs various protocols for the Blockchain Alliance

The Portuguese Blockchain Alliance already has several protocols signed with several entities that operate in Portugal. In addition to CIONET, the Alliance's promoter, there are several companies, universities and governmental entities.

The Alliance focuses on the development of an ecosystem that brings together companies, academia and government entities in order to provide the Portuguese business system with solid knowledge in Blockchain. The objective is to prepare all the players of the Portuguese economy for the revolution that this technology will imply.

IBM and IP Telecom are the technological partners of this Portuguese Alliance of Blockchain. In terms of academic partnerships, the Alliance has the Catholic Lisbon School of Business and Economics, the Faculty of Economics of the University of Porto, ISEG and Universidade Lusófona.

AICEP, BCSD, EMEL, IAPMEI and REN are sponsors of the Alliance. Abreu Advogados, Fidelidade and Vodafone are partners of the Alliance.