Conference gathers in Coimbra Blockchain specialists and government member

The Portuguese Blockchain Alliance, in partnership with Coimbra Engineering Academy, promoted on May 16th the Blockchain Conference in Coimbra.


The event was held at the Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Coimbra, with an audience of students and enthusiasts of the subject. Relevant topics were presented for discussion, namely use cases, legal and regulatory framework, the role of public-private initiatives and strategic guidelines. In the morning, the Assistant Secretary of State for Administrative Modernization, Mr. Luís Goes Pinheiro, made a valuable and enlightening speech on administrative modernization.

For this event, we count on the collaboration of our partners and members, to whom we would like to thank: Bitcliq, Multicert, Empire Puzzle, Vakt, everis, CCA Law Firm, Abreu Advogados, VdA, EMEL, Sonae, AFIP, Abimota and IAPMEI.