EMEL and BCSD launch challenges seeking Blockchain solutions

The Portuguese Blockchain Alliance announces that BCSD Portugal and EMEL have launched their own challenges aimed at promoting the development of innovative solutions based on Blockchain technology.


EMEL will be the entity that will sponsor the EMEL Mobility Challenge, which will be based on the creation of a solution based in Blockchain that interconnects the car ownership records in a certain area of ​​influence and the EMEL couplet records for the same area of ​​influence .

"EMEL, within the framework of the protocol concluded with CIONET, is a reference partner in this Blockchain Alliance, for its innovative and strategic nature in improving the processes associated with its mobility strategy," says Paulo Nunes, CIO of EMEL. "We believe that this disruptive technology will improve the operation activity in all its activities, both inspection and mobility services, and make a difference in the approach and availability to the citizen of Lisbon."

The BCSD Portugal Business Council for Sustainable Development launched its own challenge, entitled BCSD Sustainability Challenge. This challenge aims to encourage the development of Blockchain-based solutions that contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of products along the value chain and, in parallel, to generate reliable information that can be passed on to consumers.

"As today's consumer is increasingly sensitive to and demanding environmental and social issues, Blockchain can play the role of generating information on the calculation of carbon emissions and the carbon footprint of products. We believe that through this challenge we will find solutions that meet the transparency that consumers are demanding," says Sofia Santos, Secretary General of the BCSD.

The Open Innovation Challenge has also been launched, a challenge for anyone who wants to develop their Blockchain-based solutions, but who has not yet found the right Challenge for their idea. This open challenge aims to promote innovation in Blockchain technology in the Portuguese business fabric, to be a space of knowledge among all the interlocutors of the ecosystem created around the Portuguese Alliance of Blockchain and raise awareness of the Alliance ecosystem for the process changes of caused by Blockchain technology innovation.

"Blockchain technology will impact all economic sectors, and this Open Innovation Challenge is an example of this. It is not only the banks and the financial sector that take advantage of the innovations of this paradigm, but also other companies and sectors, such as EMEL and BCSD," explains Rui Serapicos, Managing Partner of CIONET Portugal. "I believe we will see very innovative solutions that will certainly be put into practice in the near future."

These challenges are addressed to companies, startups and students interested in the challenge. Tenderers must apply in groups of between two and eight people, regardless of the category of the participant.

Recall that the Portuguese Alliance of Blockchain already has three other active challenges: Abreu Advogados Smart Contract Challenge, Fidelidade Insurance Challenge and REN Energy Challenge. All challenges can be found on the Alliance website.