EMEL identifies solutions with potential to change parking

After the first phase is finished, the ideas that have gone on to the next phase have until July 20 to deepen their solution. This Challenge is a Blockchain-based solution that interconnects the car ownership and the EMEL records.

The Portuguese Blockchain Alliance announces that the ideas for the next phase of the EMEL Mobility Challenge have already been cleared.

The Blockchain EMEL Mobility Challenge is based on the creation of a Blockchain-based solution that interconnects the car ownership records in a certain area of ​​influence and the EMEL couplet records for that same area of ​​influence.

Blockchain technology has already been applied in applications related to identity issues in aspects such as passports, digital identities, proof of residence, birth and marriage certificates, identifications, online logins, among others. Creating an identity in Blockchain can give companies and individuals greater control over who and what information they have and how to access them.

By combining a decentralized Blockchain with identity verification, a unique ID can be interconnected in order to function as a watermark that can be assigned to all transactions of any asset. As Blockchain technology relates to all of the features and challenges associated with transaction identification and verification, this is an excellent opportunity to match the ownership of a car with a specific parking ticket.

Among the proposals to this Blockchain challenge, it is possible to find solutions that integrate the data of the ownership of a car and the parking ticket of entities such as EMEL and IMT in a single Private Blockchain. In this way, it is possible to guarantee the privacy of citizens' data, as well as the adequate fulfillment of the legal requirements of EMEL and IMT.

"The various challenges promoted by the Blockchain Portuguese Alliance have received high-quality proposals, showing that Portugal and the Portuguese are able to develop innovative solutions in a new and disruptive technology," explains Rui Serapicos, of the Portuguese Blockchain Alliance. "The proposals put forward for the challenge promoted by EMEL show that Blockchain can easily reach all sectors and industries, such as Mobility."