Portuguese Alliance of Blockchain begins the activities of the year in a workshop at the headquarters of Euronext in Porto.

The Portuguese Alliance of Blockchain held a business workshop on February 6 at the Euronext headquarters in Porto. The event, named "The impact of Blockchain," addressed issues such as the applicability of technology, its economic impacts and how it can be used to solve current issues. The meeting had an audience of about 100 people.

Euronext is the largest group of stock markets and the most liquid in the world. Every day, more than € 100 billion are traded on the Euronext stock exchanges. Euronext exchanges in Europe and the United States trade stocks, bonds and commercial paper, as well as a diversified array of derivatives, such as futures, options and warrants. NYSE Euronext's stock markets move one-third of the total global trading volume in the stock markets.
This initiative was intended to equip the public with solid knowledge about Blockchain in order to prepare it as well as possible for the revolution that this technology will imply in a large part of the economic sectors, especially in the segment of Financial Services, of which Euronext is part.