Grupo Almedina launch Challenge and bets on Blockchain solutions

Portuguese Blockchain Alliance has signed a protocol with Grupo Almedina and the two entities will launch a Blockchain Challenge. This Challenge, which looks for new ideas around authors content, will end on November.

The Portuguese Blockchain Alliance announces that it has signed a protocol with the Almedina Group. Through this protocol, a challenge will be launched to find out how we can use Blockchain to make content production and authoring issues more reliable and to protect the authenticity of authors content and online security. The first phase of this challenge ends at the end of November and the teams interested can register on the Portuguese Blockchain Alliance's website.

Rita Pinto, Executive Manager of the Grupo Almedina, founded in 1955 and currently including Edições Almedina, Edições 70, Actual Editora, Minotauro and a network of 12 Bookstores and Almedina Brasil, explains that "due to the weaknesses of the tools currently available, there is a natural discomfort regarding the availability of author content on digital platforms. We believe that Blockchain will be able to support us in this transformation, bringing more transparency and security to the whole process, guaranteeing the authenticity and traceability of the contents, as well as their monetization. The partnership with the Portuguese Blockchain Alliance is clear proof of our commitment to continue to provide good service to all stakeholders, regardless of the format in which the content is made available."

"This is further evidence that Blockchain will impact the most varied sectors and not just those traditionally thought of as Banking or Insurance," says Rui Serapicos, of the Portuguese Blockchain Alliance. "Grupo Almedina, living up to its vision of being a source of knowledge, reference and expertise, is looking forward to adopting this technology to improve its business and face the current challenges of publishing."

The challenge proposed by Grupo Almedina is based on the critical phase we are going through with the web, with growing dissatisfaction with the amount of disinformation that is shared online - a phenomenon recently identified as "fake news". With this challenge, we hope to help people produce, consume, and achieve better access to high-quality information, improve content accuracy, news and information online, raise awareness of online misinformation, feel more secure online or, for example, make content producers more aware of how your content is being used.

This challenge also seeks to identify, define and predict "false sources", but also to provide a means to verify information facts present in the content before proceeding to its publication, as well as to build tools and services that alert authors to vulnerabilities in the process authorship, for example.

Results from Blockchain's Challenge promoted by Grupo Almedina are expected to include, for example, new apps and services for publishing tools for online news and articles, new algorithms for information dissemination, provenance mining and content recognition, new technologies to integrate data sources, among others.