PME Investimentos promotes support for Blockchain projects

PME Investimentos is the latest member of the Portuguese Blockchain Alliance and will promote support for the best national ideas in Blockchain projects developed by participants in the challenges.

The Portuguese Blockchain Alliance announces that PME Investimentos is the latest member of the Alliance. For more than 28 years, PME Investimentos has been active in the financing market alongside companies, providing financing conditions equivalent to the best references in international markets.

Within the scope of this partnership and under its mission to develop policies and instruments of entrepreneurship, innovation, competitiveness and internationalization, PME Investimentos will support the best national ideas based on Blockchain, promoting the projects developed by Challenges participants with investment funds portfolio, as well as future funds that may be created.

According to Marco Fernandes, Chairman of the Board of Directors of PME Investimentos, "the projects in Blockchain are expected to grow and cover more and more areas and this is a way to support their start-up and sustainability, as part of this Portuguese Blockchain Alliance."

At the same time, PME Investimentos will promote a greater interaction between the public policy programs and the private action logics, within the Blockchain theme, in future lines of credit to be developed that represent an improvement of the financing conditions for the companies supported, benefiting also from the mechanisms of the National System of Mutual Guarantee.

"We have at this moment several active Challenges and others ready to begin. We have received several stakeholders in these challenges and, through our partnership with PME Investimentos, we want to ensure that the best projects have the opportunity to see the light of day beyond the Portuguese Alliance of Blockchain ", explains Rui Serapicos, Managing Partner of CIONET Portugal. "PME Investimentos supports the best projects and can make a Blockchain solution or idea a reality."

At this moment, interested parties can now respond to six Challenges of Blockchain: Abreu Advogados Smart Contract Challenge, BCSD Sustainability Challenge, EMEL Mobility Challenge, Fidelity Insurance Challenge, REN Energy Challenge and Open Innovation Challenge. New challenges will be launched very soon.