Politécnico do Porto / ISCAP receives roadshow from Blockchain Alliance

On October 16, the city of Porto will once again host the Academic Roadshow of the Portuguese Blockchain Alliance. This time, the session will be held at the Politécnico do Porto / ISCAP at 14h30 to show what Blockchain is.

After the School of Economics and Management of the University of Porto and the Porto Business School, the Politécnico do Porto / ISCAP is the next stop of the Portuguese Alliance of Blockchain in 'Cidade Invicta'.

This session of the Alliance's academic roadshow will take place on October 16 and will feature members of the Alliance who will explain Blockchain beyond crypto-coins, the utilities they can have in different industries and industries, and how students can begin to develop their applications in Blockchain.

Remember that, in addition to the Politécnico do Porto / ISCAP, the academic roadshow of the Portuguese Blockchain Alliance will also pass by the Instituto Politécnico de Viana do Castelo on October 24.