Portuguese Blockchain Alliance formaly presented

Portuguese Blockchain Alliance was officialy presented whose main objective is to provide students, companies and Portuguese startups solid knowledge about Blockchain and everything about this paradigm.


CIONET, the largest community of IT executives in Europe, with more than 7,000 technology decision makers, presented the Portuguese Blockchain Alliance at the IAPMEI Noble Hall in Lisbon.

In a press conference held at the IAPMEI Noble Hall, CIONET Portugal and IAPMEI made known this Portuguese Blockchain Alliance which also includes entities such as Abreu Advogados, AICEP, AMA, APS, BCSD, Catholic Lisbon School of Business and Economics, EMEL, Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon, Faculty of Economics, University of Porto, Fidelidade, IBM, ISEG- Lisbon School of Economics & Management, Instituto Superior Técnico, IP Telecom, Porto Business School, REN, University Lusófona and Vodafone.

In order to carry out this initiative to promote knowledge around Blockchain technology, the Alliance will carry out various awareness-raising and information actions for the technology, such as a sandbox portal, where it will be possible to experiment and develop solutions based on Blockchain.

Students, startups and companies will also have the opportunity to participate in the proposed Challenges, which seek to respond to the real business challenges of various sectors, and attend the academic and business roadshows that will pass through higher education institutions and business associations. In this way, knowledge about Blockchain will be promoted, but also the Challenges launched by the Alliance.

Challenges are creative and technological challenges based on Blockchain and geared towards various economic sectors that can respond to one or more needs identified by various industries.

Taking into account the enormous transformational potential brought by Blockchain technology, the whole economy can be impacted by facilitating cross-border payments, managing online identification, creating customer loyalty programs, using smart contracts, preventing fraud, facilitating the processing of medical records, among many other possible applications.

The Roadshow has as main objective to provide all interested parties with knowledge about Blockchain so that they can know the benefits of this emerging paradigm. New ways to work with this technology or even implement or develop solutions to increase the competitiveness of your business are some of the goals that the Alliance intends to respond through this initiative.

The Roadshows sessions, which will be available in various locations around the country, aim to cover the Portuguese business fabric and students of higher education. In this way, current and future business leaders can prepare and specialize in Blockchain, a technology that goes far beyond what was initially thought and opens up a whole new world of possibilities in business.

Alliance Partner Quotes

Armando Martins Ferreira, Partner of Abreu Advogados: "Abreu Advogados has enthusiastically accepted to join the Portuguese Blockchain Alliance in promoting innovative national solutions based on Blockchain technology. Business process changes resulting from Blockchain-based solutions presuppose and require the combined involvement of innovative legal responses of a contractual and / or regulatory nature. Duly framed within the Blockchain Alliance, the Abreu Advogados Smart Contract Challenge, to be held in partnership with CIONET, will promote the evaluation, mentoring and selection of innovative Blockchain-based projects. "

Catholic Lisbon School of Business & Economics: "CATÓLICA-LISBON is the school that shapes and inspires the leaders of the future. Leading the digital revolution of Blockchain is knowing how to compete in Web 4.0, is the critical success factor of winning value propositions of the shared economy."

EMEL: “EMEL, in its strategy of innovation of mobility initiatives, positions itself as partner of this Alliance of Stakeholders of Blockchain, aiming its participation in the community of knowledge sharing on the theme. This initiative, along with the protocol between EMEL and CIONET, is essential for obtaining the best technological solutions and guaranteeing the best solution for the citizens of Lisbon."

Rogério Campos Henriques, CIO of Fidelidade: "Supporting this challenge reflects our position in technological innovation. We believe that Blockchain technology will contribute decisively to reducing transaction costs, increasing process transparency and confidence in the financial market. This initiative, supported by Fidelidade, reflects the way we are; a sign that we are determined to welcome and participate in the technological and digital transformation aimed at creating a more participatory and safe world for all."

Rui Serapicos, Managing Partner of CIONET Portugal: "Blockchain promises to be the technology of the future and it is expected that more and more sectors will adopt this paradigm. We see that more and more Portuguese companies are betting on this technology and we know that there are many others who want to do it but do not know exactly what they should do. This Alliance, which brings together notable entities from various business areas, intends to respond to this challenge and provide the Portuguese business fabric with the necessary capabilities to adopt Blockchain technology."