Portuguese Blockchain Alliance will be announced at 28 March

On 28 March 2018 the Portuguese Alliance of Blockchain will be presented in a press conference held at the IAPMEI Noble Hall in Lisbon. Various Alliance's partners will be present and talk to the press.

The Alliance focuses on the development of an ecosystem that brings together companies, academia and government entities in order to provide the Portuguese business system with solid knowledge in Blockchain. The objective is to prepare all the players of the Portuguese economy for the revolution that this technology will imply.

It should be recalled that in the framework of the agreement between CIONET and IAPMEI, information sessions are planned in partnership between the two entities. The target of these actions are the business associations, which aim to promote the competitiveness and innovation of small and medium-sized Portuguese companies through the use of Blockchain.

The national partners and target audience for this action are educational institutions, business associations, government entities, companies and technology partners. The purpose is to equip the national economic system with knowledge so that there is a broad preparation for the technological revolution that will come from the changes caused by Blockchain.

In addition to CIONET and IAPMEI, the other entities that are already involved in this alliance are Abreu Advogados, AICEP, BSCD, Católica Lisbon School of Business & Economics, EMEL, Fidelidade, IBM, IP Telecom, Microsoft and Vodafone, among others.