Portuguese companies get attracted by Blockchain solutions

Abreu Advogados Smart Contract Challenge and the EMEL Mobility Challenge entered the third and final phase of the challenge. At the same time, the BCSD Sustainability Challenge already entered its second phase.

Portuguese Blockchain Alliance announces that three of its innovation challenges have demonstrated tremendous advances and innovative solutions have been presented. Through various innovation challenges, entities such as Abreu Advogados, BCSD Portugal and EMEL have received projects that are truly capable of changing the way they position themselves in the Portuguese and international markets.

"The proposals that have been presented and developed in the various Challenges promoted by the Alliance and its partners are of enormous quality and have great feasibility," explains Rui Serapicos of the Portuguese Blockchain Alliance. "Each of the solutions has its challenges and we are confident that the teams will be able to overcome them in the next phase".

On one hand, the Challenge promoted by Abreu Advogados aims to make the development of contracts and legal processes more efficient and able to support new usage models. In the case of the solutions that were selected for the next phase, the opinion was clear that the teams "understand the process of what is intended to be achieved and a clear demonstration of the solution" is necessary, through a PoC (Proof-of-Concept) , for example.

In the case of EMEL, whose goal is to interconnect the car ownership records in a certain area of ​​influence and the EMEL couplet records for the same area of ​​influence, "the approach presented is in line" with which EMEL intends. The company believes that use cases make perfect sense and will be very beneficial to EMEL.

For the next phase, the teams will present at the end of September their solution to the corresponding Challenge jury. The jury will then evaluate the solutions presented and deliberate on which ones will be considered finalists and, therefore, which will be presented and discussed at the Blockchain Conference, organized by the Alliance on November 12, at the Teatro Tivoli BBVA in Lisbon .

Finally, the Challenge launched by BCSD Portugal received "interesting and very ambitious" proposals that develop the creation of an online platform through which consumers will be able to access information related to the carbon footprint of a particular product.