IBM seeks patent to create "trust" in augmented reality through Blockchain

IBM has applied for another Blockchain patent, this time to prevent Augmented Reality (AR) players from invading undesirable locations. The latest technology company patent document was released by the USPTO.

In the patent, IBM describes a Blockchain-based method and an interaction system between a mobile device running AR and a local database to define and maintain secure boundaries between real-world AR objects and physical locations. According to the document, a distributed ledger is configured to continuously maintain a growing list of data records protected against tampering and changes.

Based on a Blockchain-driven location database, the AR game "exemplary method" allows mobile devices to get a signal about whether a particular location in AR is undesirable.

In the patent, IBM provides a brief description of augmented reality, stating that this form of play is linked to a location that is superimposed by images of more items in the game, such as characters, features, or internal game locations. By applying the new Blockchain patent, IBM can provide a "trust" guarantee between actual locations and location-based AR games.