Russian Army is building a Blockchain research laboratory

Russia's Ministry of Defense is launching a research laboratory to look at how Blockchain technology can be used to mitigate cyber-security attacks and to determine if the technology protect critical infrastructures.

The country's military technology accelerator, known as the ERA, is launching a special scientific laboratory to determine if Blockchain technology can be used to identify cyber attacks and protect critical infrastructures. The news was advanced by the Russian newspaper Izvestia.

This newspaper reported that the research has begun to explore possible applications for Blockchain technology, but the laboratory itself is still being developed.

According to the document, one of the priorities of the ERA is the development of an intelligent system that detects and prevents cyber attacks on important databases. To this end, the organization has formed a team of information security experts.

Alexei Malanov, a virus expert at Kaspersky Lab, based in Moscow, told the newspaper that Blockchain-based platforms could make it difficult to hide traces of cyber attacks.

He explained that intruders often wipe access logs on devices to hide traces of unauthorized access to the device. But by using a distributed ledger, the risk of happening decreases.

The laboratory is being built in the Russian coastal city of Anapa and will be subordinate to the Armed Forces of the Eighth Directorate of the Russian Federation, which also focuses on information security.