Sony registers patents to boost hardware for Blockchain

Japanese giant Sony has registered two patents to stimulate Blockchain-based ecosystems. Patents were registered in early August in the United States and the company wants to improve the hardware structure for Blockchain.

Through patents, Sony aims to improve the design and hardware structure for Blockchain by introducing new circuits into the distributed-led technology processes.

The first application, titled "Electronic Node and Method for Maintenance of a Distributed Ledger," describes an electronic device to maintain a Blockchain based on multiple electronic nodes, including several blocks associated with at least one of the existing blocks.

The patent explains a scheme to add new blocks to a distributed ledger in a compressed format, which contributes to the establishment of a competitive way for the nodes that execute the mining process, causing a smaller block produced by a certain node to reach a reward greater.

In the second patent, titled "Device and System", Sony proposes a way to maintain a Blockchain by multiple virtual nodes, suggesting a mechanism of access to the ledger distributed through at least one of these nodes.

By incorporating virtual nodes, Sony intends to ensure Blockchain's integrity in cases "where the number of devices is small or small," for example, if multiple devices are disabled.

Recall that in 2017 the Japanese multinational filed a patent application for a multi-factor authentication (MFA) system powered by Blockchain, proposing a combination of two different distributed ledgers to drive the login process.

Also in the last year, Sony has partnered with IBM to develop a Blockchain-based educational platform to provide secure sharing of student enrollment.