Thai Revenue Department will use Blockchain

The Thai Revenue Department has unveiled plans to track tax payments using machine learning and Blockchain.

Ekniti Nitithanprapas, the director general of the Department in question, explained to reporters that Blockchain will be used to check the validity of taxes paid and speed up the tax refund process.

Machine Learning, in turn, will help reveal tax fraud and create more transparency. The director noted that a digital tax collection system based on modern technologies is one of the government's top priorities.

Nitithanprapas, who is also an International Economic Adviser at the country's Ministry of Finance's Office of Fiscal Policy since 2015, has not revealed exactly when this departmental experience with Blockchain would be initiated or what specific solutions it will use.

The Thai Revenue Department is clearly following the country's Ministry of Commerce's path to technology adoption: the Ministry announced last month that it will test decentralized solutions in copyright, agriculture and commercial finance.

The Thai authority responsible for the project explained that Blockchain's feasibility studies would address the processing of digital IDs, IP log management and security along with intelligent contracts.