Walmart tells suppliers to use Blockchain until next year

The US retailer Walmart plans to start selling vegetables which their information are registered on Blockchain technology starting in September 2019 and its suppliers will have to adapt to it.

In a statement released this week, Walmart announced that it has told its green product vendors to integrate a Blockchain-based tracking system built in collaboration with IBM by September 2019.

According to the letter to suppliers, any company working with Walmart should work with the IBM Food Trust network to create end-to-end, two-step traceability.

The Blockchain platform will make it easier for the retailer to quickly get information on any food item. Today, getting this information is "an almost insurmountable challenge."

This decision comes as a result of an outbreak of E. coli that originated in Arizona earlier this year. While officials at the Centers for Disease Control warned consumers to avoid lettuce cultivation near the town of Yuma. Walmart vice president of food safety Frank Yiannas noted that it was difficult for customers to confirm where their products were grown.