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In accordance with the regulation on data protection – Law 67/98 from October, 26th, “Data Protection Regulation”, the challenge to develop innovative solutions for the payments industry according to the PSD2 Directive, is from now on designated as “Aliança Portuguesa de Blockchain” (Portuguese Blockchain Alliance). This document will describe the personal data processing practices pertaining to the visitors that browse the website and to the users of the services which require personal data in the website

Aliança Portuguesa de Blockchain appreciates your visit to this website and your interest in this initiative.

Aliança Portuguesa de Blockchain fully respects the individual privacy of each user and values the trust from all its clients, partners and employees.

In order to get more detailed information about the privacy policy and treatment of your personal data, please select your profile:

  • Visitor;
  • User of the web services which required personal data.  



The following information applies to the personal data of the visitor who accesses the website without registering themselves or inserting personal data in web modules.

When accessing the website, the visitor accepts the terms and conditions mentioned below. If you do not accept the following terms and conditions, we request you to not access or use the contents and services available on this website.


What type of data is collected during the visitor’s navigation?

During the visit in the website, the computer system responsible for the website’s functioning, during its regular processing, acquires some data which transmission is implicit and necessary to the Internet’s functioning. These data are not collected to identify any user, but, due to their nature, may allow for identification through some associations with data kept by third parties. This data category covers, for instance, the IP addresses or domain name of the devices used by the users when visiting the website; the URI addresses (Uniform Resource Identifier) of the requested resources, the request timecode; the method used to submit the request to the server; the file size obtained in return; the numerical code which indicates the status of the reply (successful, error, etc.) and other parameters related with the operative system and IT environment of the user. Aliança Portuguesa de Blockchain uses these data with the sole purpose of collecting anonymous statistical information about the website usage and guarantee its correct functioning. These data can be used to verify responsibilities in the case of possible cybercrimes. With the exception of this last case, these data are kept in our computer systems for no longer than 90 days.


Social buttons and widgets

In Aliança Portuguesa de Blockchain’s website it is possible to find social buttons and widgets (for instance, social networking icons) which allow visitors to interact directly and with a single click with social media. When clicking, the social network acquires the data associated with your visit. With the exception of the above cases, in which the visitor chooses, with a click, to share the navigation data with the selected social networks, Aliança Portuguesa de Blockchain will not share any navigation or user information acquired through social buttons or widgets available in the website


What are cookies and how are they used?

Please read our cookie policy here.


With whom is the navigation data shared?

The acquired navigation data can be communicated to third party companies that provide IT services to Aliança Portuguesa de Blockchain such as technical assistance and data elaboration (for instance, website hosting, provided by third parties), namely, with this sole purpose, responsible for processing data. In some cases, these data, can be accessed and processed by Aliança Portuguesa de Blockchain’s staff in charge of those specific tasks and within the limits of their functions, executing only the necessary operations.

In the case of explicit request, in the circumstances foreseen by the law, data can be communicated to the Police and other Public Security Authorities.



The following information applies to the personal data of the users of the web services available in the website When using any services available online, the user accepts the terms and conditions mentioned below. If you do not accept the following terms and conditions, we request you to not access or use the contents and services available on this website.


Spontaneous email communication

When a user spontaneously sends an email to one of the email addresses mentioned in Aliança Portuguesa de Blockchain’s website, his/her email address and the personal data included in the message and attachments are recorded.

The email addresses mentioned in our website, as well as any Aliança Portuguesa de Blockchain email address are not personal, even when these include a person’s name. The email addresses belong to the organization and are required for the effective fulfilment of Aliança Portuguesa de Blockchain’s internal tasks. This means that both the specific recipient of the message and other people that are part of the organization may read the messages sent to Aliança Portuguesa de Blockchain’s email addresses.

When a user sends an email to one of the email addresses mentioned in Aliança Portuguesa de Blockchain’s website, he/she declares to have read and accepted the terms in this privacy policy.


Web modules usage

The access and use of the services available on Aliança Portuguesa de Blockchain’s website may require the submission of some personal data (for example, newsletter subscription, registration, challenge application, etc.).

Methods and purposes of data processing In order to access the services and contents made available at, some personal data like name, surname, address, email, date of birth, etc. may be requested.

In the services available in our website, we never request data of sensitive nature (for example, data that may reveal someone’s race or ethnicity, religious, political or philosophical beliefs, health condition, sexual life, etc.) or judiciary (data from judicial records or that refer to a status of accused or investigated, etc.).

The data processing will be carried out through informatic, telematic and print instruments according to the appropriate legal dispositions so as to ensure the data safety, privacy, accuracy and relevancy in compliance with the declared purposes.

To ensure the data accuracy, the user may communicate the necessary updates through the email The data supplied will be processed by those designated as in charge of data processing by Aliança Portuguesa de Blockchain and in accordance with permission profiles assigned. The people in charge will be able to consult, use, elaborate, compare and perform any other relevant operation, including automated operations, only if and when expressly authorized. The data supplied will be processed exclusively for the specific and relevant purposes of each service used.

Whenever Aliança Portuguesa de Blockchain intends to use any user’s personal data for purposes other than the services requested, Aliança Portuguesa de Blockchain will request your consent before starting to process any data.

Bellow, we detail the services available at Aliança Portuguesa de Blockchain’s website and which require personal data. For each service we specify the data processing purpose.

  • Newsletter subscription: Aliança Portuguesa de Blockchain’s newsletters are communications that may include informative or promotional content and that are sent to all users who subscribe. On top of more generic promotional communications, subscribing to Aliança Portuguesa de Blockchain’s newsletter involves sending more personalized communications according to a user’s language, gender and/or country. This means that the data processing requires the creation of groups based on the mentioned criteria (language, gender, country) that allow for a more customized and relevant communication for the user.
  • Participation in competitions and other thematic initiatives of extraordinary and temporary nature: the data requested will be used to enable the user’s participation in any initiative he/she intends to participate.
  • Registration in restricted access areas: the information will be used to create a personal area inside Aliança Portuguesa de Blockchain’s website and to enable exclusive functionalities for those registered users. Registration is not mandatory to use all of the website’s features (e.g. it is possible to receive the newsletter without registering).
  • Information requests and other communications through specific forms: in this service we consider the generic and technical information requests, follow-ups on the participation in an initiative, etc. The data supplied will be used solely for the relevant purposes.

The data collected through the above listed services can be used in statistical analysis and market research. This processing is always performed on aggregated anonymous data. This means that your personal data are never associated with the information processed for statistical purposes.

Personal data can be processed for other purposes, like the ones identified bellow. However, Aliança Portuguesa de Blockchain will always request specifically for your express consent. The user may, at any moment, revoke or change (totally or partially) the given consent through the email address

  • Addressed communications and promotional offers: the data supplied will be used to send specific addressed communications and promotional offers through email, SMS and/or mail.
  • Third-party data communication: the data supplied may be shared with Aliança Portuguesa de Blockchain’s partner organizations and these may send their promotional offers.


Authorization for processing

In all cases where your authorization is required for the processing of your data, it will be requested in advance, expressly, freely and unconditionally for each purpose.


Communication and disclosure

Aliança Portuguesa de Blockchain may communicate your personal data to third parties only when it is essential to fulfil the purpose of the data processing that results from the requested service. This communication is only made after the user is informed and, when necessary, authorizes.

The data collected through the various services for the purposes referred to in this declaration are usually communicated to the following categories of subjects:

  • Subjects to whom the right to access such data is guaranteed by legal provisions or regulations (e.g. public security and police authorities);
  • Data-processing and information-services companies (e.g. website hosting, data logging, management and maintenance of IT infrastructures and services, direct marketing, etc.);
  • Companies and offices that provide consulting services;
  • Third-party companies that send their business communications only after specific customer authorization.

Some specific services available on Aliança Portuguesa de Blockchain’s website may involve communication to other categories of subjects, such as financial institutions and shipping companies.

Aliança Portuguesa de Blockchain’s website has services that allow you to share your personal data with other users and online services. This sharing of personal data depends solely on the free choice of the user and is only possible after a specific and voluntary action from you.

In certain cases, however, we may request your personal data (for example, photographs, videos) to allow participation in contests and thematic initiatives of extraordinary and temporary nature, which intrinsic nature implies communication and disclosure. In these cases, Aliança Portuguesa de Blockchain will ask for your specific authorization for this purpose.


Rights of the Data Owner

- Right to cancel marketing communications

You may exercise your right to cancel marketing communications about Aliança Portuguesa de Blockchain in the following ways:

  • following the opt-out instructions to cancel included in the marketing communication in question;
  • contacting us at

Even after you cancel marketing communications, you may continue to receive administrative communications from Aliança Portuguesa de Blockchain, including those related to the participation in the initiative and notifications about your personal account (for example, password change request).

- Right of access, rectification and elimination

In accordance with the applicable legislation, the data subject has the right of access to the data that directly concerns him or her, and may request its correction or deletion.

The data subject may at any time object to the processing of the data, except those strictly necessary for the provision of the service, and/or request its elimination.

To exercise these rights, you must contact Aliança Portuguesa de Blockchain at or, if you are a registered user, you can rectify your personal data in your personal area in the Aliança Portuguesa de Blockchain website.


Owner and Responsible for the treatment

The owner of the personal data from the users who consult and use the Aliança Portuguesa de Blockchain website is CIONET Portugal Lda, located at Avenida Luís Bívar, nº 73, 1050-053 Lisboa, Portugal.



The data registered on the Aliança Portuguesa de Blockchain servers are always protected by a login and password for your security. Aliança Portuguesa de Blockchain guarantees data security through appropriate physical, electronic and procedural actions.

Without prejudice to this guarantee, Aliança Portuguesa de Blockchain cannot guarantee the security of the information transmitted to you, so the data subject must take all precautions to protect their personal data while using the Internet, such as by changing your password frequently and ensuring the use of a navigation program that allows the use of SSL communication.

For further information please contact us at



Aliança Portuguesa de Blockchain is not responsible for any of the websites to which it links to or for any website that links to

As the Internet is a worldwide network of computers and any information sent or transmitted by you will necessarily be forwarded by third party computers, Aliança Portuguesa de Blockchain is not responsible for breaches in communications security and is not liable for the misuse of your information by third parties.

Aliança Portuguesa de Blockchain will be responsible for the content of the information sent or transmitted to our website.

Access and use of the Aliança Portuguesa de Blockchain website may be interrupted and the information presented may contain bugs, errors, technical failures, problems or other limitations, and access may be impossible at certain times. Aliança Portuguesa de Blockchain is not liable for any damages caused by the use of the website. To the maximum extent permitted by law, Aliança Portuguesa de Blockchain excludes any liability, direct or indirect, for the use of the website.



Any updates to Aliança Portuguesa de Blockchain’s privacy policy on the Internet will be described on this website and may be executed at any time, with or without notice.

We recommend that you visit this page regularly as such updates may affect you as a visitor on our website.