Alibaba Cloud expands Blockchain offer for companies to global market

Alibaba Cloud is expanding its Blockchain offer as a service (BaaS) out of China, the company said in a press release last week.

Following the implementation of its BaaS platform in China, Alibaba Cloud will expand its corporate-grade Blockchain service to major international markets including Europe, US and Southeast Asia.

Based on the two Blockchain network implementations - Hyperledger Fabric and Ant Blockchain - Alibaba Cloud BaaS is now being targeted at global companies, enabling them to create a secure and robust ecosystem for Blockchain development.

 Yi Li, senior engineer and leader in the Alibaba Cloud Blockchain Service, commented on Alibaba Cloud's recent expansion of BaaS to global markets, claiming that the company intends to help international companies "accelerate their digital transformation" through Blockchain.

In addition to the global expansion, Alibaba Cloud also launched two new availability zones in the UK earlier this week in order to match the increase in demand. According to the press release, the company is now operating in 52 availability zones in 19 regions around the world.