BlackBerry unveils partnership at Blockchain to support medical research

BlackBerry, a software company and former mobile phone maker, has announced plans for a new Blockchain platform to store and share medical data.

In a statement, the Canadian company said it would use its "Operator Network Operations Center" (NOC) to support the digital ledger that would be developed by the biotech incubator ONEBIO. The ledger would be used specifically to store data safely from patients, laboratories and monitors.

The BlackBerry NOC would be responsible for creating "an ultra-secure global ecosystem," says the company, noting that data can be inserted by biometric Internet devices of Things (IoT) as well as individuals. The platform would also be able to anonymously share that data with the researchers.

The first BlackBerry customer will be the Global Commission to End the Diagnostic Odyssey for Children with Rare Disease, an organization dedicated to helping children quickly find diagnoses for rare diseases.