British telecommunications regulator studies Blockchain adoption

The UK is sponsoring investigations into organization and management of telephone numbers through Blockchain by Ofcom, the national telecoms regulator. The grant is equal to almost 800.000 euros.

The Pioneer Fund of the UK regulators announced last week it would award about £ 700,000, or 796,000 euros, to Ofcom, the national telecommunications regulatory authority, "for a project that uses Blockchain technology to improve the management of phone numbers in the UK ".

Ofcom provided more details about the project through the release and explained that there are about 1 billion phone numbers available for UK residents, "already in use or reserved for allocation."

"We issued blocks of these numbers for telecom operators, who manage their numbers and their movement (portability) into and out of their control," the press release explained.

As the country moves from traditional analog phone lines to an Internet-based infrastructure, today's systems may face problems. As such, Blockchain technology can be used to reduce costs, make portability more efficient, simplify fraud or manage "annoying" calls, and provide customers with a better experience.

Any solution created as a result of the project will be tested before a release in the industry. In addition, regulators intend to "share key learning, best practices and underlying code base, where applicable, with other regulators."