Election Commission of Ukraine tests voting system through Blockchain

A member of the Electoral Commission of Ukraine revealed that the Commission is working on a voting pilot in Blockchain in conjunction with the NEM, a private Blockchain platform, with 28 nodes.

Oleksandr Stelmakh, head of the State Register in the Central Election Commission of Ukraine, seemed pleased with the ongoing tests, writing in a Facebook post that they "will continue a series of tests applying Blockchain technology within the electoral vote."

Stelmakh explained that the Commission has "set up a test vote for 28 weeks with NCH's Blockchain, a private platform," adding that "voting is still open and anyone can participate."

This test, which emerged as a result of a partnership with the NMS of Ukraine, exclusively involves a test network with NEM test tokens "kindly provided by a representative of the NEM Foundation in Ukraine," Anton Bosenko.

Based on current rates, Stelmakh calculated that the cost of installing the Blockchain ballot at each policing station in the country would amount to $ 1,227 per deployment. Stelmakh writes that this is a "small price to pay" in exchange for the unchanging protection of voting data.

Ukraine is finalizing its regulatory approach to crypto-coins, with the country's Financial Stability Board supporting last month the idea of ​​treating digital assets as financial instruments. Despite its relatively low electricity costs, Ukraine, however, has no plans to regulate the informal mining industry, the Cointelegraph reported.