IBM Receives Patent for Blockchain Network Security System

A new patent granted to IBM highlights how Blockchain technology can play a role in monitoring security breaches in computer networks. This patent was granted this week by USPTO.

First introduced in September 2017 and received on Tuesday by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), the patent describes how a network of computers connected to a Blockchain platform can log events on the network, including potential intrusions. While intruders may try to hide the signs of their work from a compiler, having multiple backups of this information will help ensure that these events are logged, according to IBM.

"In a computer system or network, data can be monitored for different purposes. Data monitoring can identify problems, observe conditions or track metrics by recording the events of a particular computer system or network," the patent states. Protecting these data is critical to a business.

To this end, IBM notes that companies can create a system of devices to monitor intrusion attempts in the distributed network, using the consensus of the nodes to signal any irregularities.

Sensors allow consensus by passing the same information to more than one computer. When computers are validating information, if data from an event or transaction does not match, a computer may have been compromised.