Lisbon hosts Blockchain Conference in November

Secretary of State for Industry, Ana Teresa Lehmann, will give the closing speech of the first edition of the Blockchain Conference held by the Alliance, which will take place on November 12 at the Teatro Tivoli BBVA.

The Portuguese Blockchain Alliance announces that the Blockchain Conference will take place on 12 November at the Tivoli Theater BBVA in Lisbon.

In this conference, several themes related to Blockchain technology will be addressed, such as their uses, use cases and also the winning Challenges projects launched by the Portuguese Blockchain Alliance throughout the year.

Speakers at this conference include Secretary of State for Industry, Ana Teresa Lehmann, Ludovic Courcelas, EU Blockbain Observatory and Forum, and Tiago Oliveira from Sonae, among other names.

This conference will feature a panel discussion on "The Influence of Blockchain on Financial Services" which will be moderated by ISEG's Manuel Mira Godinho. The panel will be composed of Carlos Moura, the Bank of Portugal, Rogério Campos Henriques, Fidelidade, Jorge Lesmes, Everis, among others.

There will also be space for the presentation of Blockchain Challenges launched by the Blockchain Alliance and partners such as Abreu Advogados, EMEL, Fidelidade and REN. Then there will be a panel discussion moderated by Rui Serapicos and will be attended by such names as Álex Puig, the Spanish entity dedicated to Blockchain Alastria, Nuno Mangas, the President of IAPMEI, and Marco Fernandes, Chairman of the Board of Directors of PME Investimentos.

"Portugal is betting on Blockchain and this Conference wants to present to the national public what is best done in our country, as well as various ways in which this technology can help Portuguese businesses and citizens," said Rui Serapicos, President of the Portuguese Blockchain Alliance. "In addition, by giving opportunity to the winning projects of Blockchain's various challenges that were launched during 2018, we will be promoting new ideas and potential national startups that will be launched in the future. I believe the public will be pleased with what the Portuguese companies and startups are doing in Blockchain ".

The Blockchain Conference will take place on November 12, 2018 at the Teatro Tivoli BBVA. Registration has a cost of 35 euros. Academic participants, including Professors, Researchers and Students, have free access to the Conference (registration and proof of academic affiliation required). For more information, you can consult the Conference page.