Sonae presents Blockchain applications for the modern retail

Tiago Oliveira from Sonae will be one of the speakers at the Blockchain Conference on November 12 in Lisbon.

The Teatro Tivoli BBVA, in Lisbon, receives on November 12 the Blockchain Conference held by the Portuguese Blockchain Alliance. Among the various speakers and panels, will be present Tiago Oliveira, from Sonae, who will present what Blockchain technology can do for the retail.

Tiago Oliveira is Senior Project Manager at Sonae and will present some of the projects that Sonae has underway in a presentation titled "Applications of Blockchain in Modern Retail".

According to Tiago Oliveira, "Blockchain's application to retail is meritorious in several cases, potentially useful in others and speculation in many more. Its experimentation in origin traceability and product quality has been the subject of proof of concept by leading international players and there is, among others, a credible application for this technology. "

In addition to the panel that will debate Blockchain in financial services, there will be another panel dedicated to the winners of Challenges Blockchain 2018. With moderation of Rui Serapicos, will be present in this panel Álex Puig, Alastria, Mafalda Evangelista, BCSD Portugal, Marco Fernandes of PME Investimentos, Nuno Mangas of IAPMEI and Rui Ribeiro of IP Telecom.

The Challenges of Blockchain were developed by the Portuguese Blockchain Alliance in partnership with several entities. The challenges promoted by Abreu Advogados, EMEL, Fidelidade and REN, besides an open challenge, are already over and the winners have already been chosen. The projects will be presented before the panel discussion.

The Blockchain Conference will be held on November 12 in Lisbon, at the Teatro Tivoli BBVA, at 2:00 p.m. Registration costs € 35 and is free for teachers, students and researchers. More information on the website of the Portuguese Blockchain Alliance.