Sony develops Blockchain solution for rights management

Sony revealed this week that it is working on an extension of its digital rights management system with Blockchain. The project is a partnership between Sony Music Entertainment Japan and Sony Global Education.

The still unnamed project - whose marketing is currently "considered" - specifically aims to "manage information related to written works rights." This announcement comes about a year after Sony announced an original Blockchain product for educational data when it partnered with IBM.

The press release notes that this new system is being built on a system previously developed by Sony and Sony Global Education for "authentication, sharing and management of educational data rights and, in addition, resources for processing rights-related information" .

The complicated process of protecting digital rights against counterfeiting led to the development of several Blockchain projects, each targeting a slightly different niche within the larger sphere.

The exact nature of the blockchain to be used by Sony, however, remains uncertain, with the company describing the technology more generally as a way to "record verifiable information in a way that is difficult to counterfeit."