Blockchain Alliance hosts its first Blockchain conference in Lisbon

Teatro Tivoli BBVA, in Lisboa, was the chosen venue for the first Blockchain Conference where several international and national experts on Blockchain were present before an audience of around 250 attendees.

Blockchain Conference - ALL2BC
Photo: Laura Dominguez


On November 12, the Portuguese Blockchain Alliance hosted its first conference where it gathered in the same venue the partners that have made possible all the dynamic created by ALL2BC since March 2018. Our hosts were BBVA Portugal, with the event taking place at Teatro Tivoli BBVA, in Lisbon.

At the event we had the chance to host several international and national experts, who focused their interventions on Blockchain technology taking into consideration its use cases. We also gave the stage to the winner projects of the Challenges launched by the Portuguese Blockchain Alliance in 2018.

The speakers of this event were Ludovic Courcelas, representing the European Union Observatory and Forum, Adi Ben-Ari, from Applied Blockchain, who has presented a few use cases of Blockchain technology on supply chain management, and Tiago Oliveira, from Sonae, who has demonstrated how the Retail industry is reacting to the innovation provoked by the Blockchain usage.

At the stage we have also had the chance to hear an interesting debate on the potential impact of Blockchain on Financial Services. At a roundtable moderated by Professor Manuel Mira Godinho, from ISEG, we had Assaf Ben-Or, from Greeneum Network, Jonathan Betser, from Altrium, Jorge Lesmes, from Everis, and Rogério Campos Henriques, from Fidelidade.

Finally, and following the innovation challenges launched by ALL2BC in partnership with Abreu Advogados, EMEL, Fidelidade, and REN, we had the presentation of the winner projects by their respective development teams: Atlantis Blockchain Explorer, Marionete, Multicert, and Blockbird Ventures. Following these presentations, there was a roundtable focused on discussing the innovative characteristics of these projects. At this roundtable moderated by Rui Serapicos, President of the Board of ALL2BC, we had Álex Puig, from Alastria, Luís Barreto Xavier, from Abreu Advogados, Mafalda Evangelista, from BCSD Portugal, Marco Fernandes, from PME Investimentos, Nuno Mangas, from IAPMEI, and Rui Ribeiro, from IP Telecom.

You may check the photos of the event via this link.