EMEL awards Blockchain solution that allows automatic allocation of parking couplets

The EMEL Blockchain Challenge winning team matches the Portuguese-British startup Marionete.


The Portuguese Blockchain Alliance and EMEL announce that the startup Marionete won the EMEL Blockchain Challenge, a challenge dedicated to mobility. The winners will have the opportunity to present their idea at the Blockchain Conference on November 12 in Lisbon.

The Blockchain EMEL Mobility Challenge was based on the creation of a Blockchain-based solution that interconnects the car ownership records in a particular area of ​​influence and the EMEL couplet records for that same area of ​​influence.

The solution presented by Marionete, which has won this Blockchain challenge, allows the merging of IMT and EMEL data so that a secure and traceable record is made. Some of the characteristics of this solution are to enable the user to receive automatic notification by EMEL after the purchase of a new vehicle alerting the availability of a residence sign, or even to allow the revocation of a parking sign on the follow-up of the change of residence.

"It is with great pride and satisfaction that we have received this distinction and a prize. It proves and recognizes the experience and know-how of Marionette and his staff in Blockchain's technology, while recognizing originality, innovation and added value of the solution presented by the way we approached the proposed problem ", explains Raul Coutinho Garrido, CTO of Marionete.

"We believe that the implementation of this solution can make the difference in a complex process such as the verification and attribution of couplets," says Paulo Nunes, CIO of EMEL. "This technology, as well as the possibility of data interconnection with other entities, opens up a range of opportunities to implement similar processes and encourages the sharing of information in a reliable and secure way, creating much more robust and reliable information exchange processes. This implementation will certainly make a difference in the day-to-day assignment of couplets in our company. "

"Along with the projects submitted in the context of this Challenge, Marionete presented a solid solution project that was in line with what was proposed through this challenge", says Rui Serapicos, President of the Board of the Portuguese Blockchain Alliance Association. "With this solution, it is possible to make a process that is currently slow in an easy and simple process, following the spirit that underlies Blockchain, integrating other entities in the process."