Smart Contracts mobile solution wins Blockchain challenge promoted by Abreu Advogados

The Atlantis Blockchain Explorer team, comprised of Thiago Souza, Bruno Ferreira, Lucas Ferriani and Jennifer Souza, won the Challenge promoted by Abreu Advogados.

The Portuguese Blockchain Alliance and Abreu Advogados announce that the Atlantis Blockchain Explorer team was chosen as the great winner of the challenge promoted by Abreu Advogados. The winning team members will have the opportunity to present their project at the Blockchain Conference on November 12 in Lisbon.

Through this challenge, Abreu Advogados intended to launch the challenge for the development of contracts and legal processes more efficient and able to support new models of use. New technologies and approaches, such as distributed on-demand ledgers (including technologies like Blockchain), artificial intelligence, and automation are being incorporated into traditional contracts and legal processes.

The combination of these trends opens up an opportunity for the development of smart contract services that will help to coordinate and make more efficient the development, use, maintenance and provision of legal services.

In addition to the startup Atlantis Blockchain Explorer that won the challenge, the startup TechHQ was a finalist of the Challenge promoted by Abreu Advogados, being in second place.

The solution presented by the winning startup consists of a mobile application for Android and iOS systems that contains various functionalities, such as a smart contract marketplace, such as buy and sell contracts, auction, among others, a chat interface for trading and digital contracts in Blockchain, digital arbitrage within smart contracts, and Artificial Intelligence to create a ranking of contractors, service providers, mediators and models of parameterized legal contracts.

One of the many benefits of this application is the ease in creating contracts in Blockchain. The winning startup argues that "while the technology is innovative, to install a smart contract in Blockchain requires technical expertise that becomes a barrier for lay people." Atlantis also explained that "with our chat interface we aim to make it easier for everyone to access the legal framework and Blockchain."

"We are thrilled to be successful in this challenge," said Thiago Souza, CEO of Atlantis Blockchain Explorer. "This achievement encourages us to continue developing our application. "We believe that Blockchain will be the future of computing and we are very happy to be developing the basis of what technology will be in the future."

"The Atlantis proposal is an innovative solution combining Blockchain base technology and development potential in the context of smart contracts, modelable and scalable, namely in various paradigms and B2C connections.", Says Armando Martins Ferreira, Partner of Abreu Advogados. "Abreu Advogados congratulates Atlantis for its proposal and thanks the promoters of the other proposals, which, by the qualities demonstrated, have enriched the proposed challenge and are equally deserving of distinction."

"Atlantis has presented a solid and viable solution that uses Smart Contracts to solve a legal challenge," says Rui Serapicos, Chairman of the Association of the Portuguese Blockchain Alliance. "I would also like to congratulate the projects participating in this challenge promoted by Abreu Advogados, in particular the TechHQ finalist, all of which have shown great quality and good indications that Blockchain's industry is alive and present in a wide range of economic sectors."

It should be noted that Atlantis Blockchain Explorer, as well as the Challenges winning projects promoted by EMEL, Fidelidade and REN, will have the opportunity to present their project at the Blockchain Conference, which will be held on November 12 at the Teatro Tivoli BBVA, in Lisbon. Conference tickets have a cost of € 35 and those interested can register on the Conference website.