University proposes management of web domains through Blockchain

An important Chinese university is proposing Blockchain technology as a better way to manage web domains. The patent application was published last week in the USPTO, in the USA.

According to a patent application published by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), the Shenzhen Post Graduate School of Peking University is examining how a "Blockchain of consortium" can improve security and efficiency in the management of top-level domains (TLDs)

Although the domain name system currently on the Internet is already based on a distributed system, there are "technical problems", says the team responsible for the patent.

As Blockchain shares data in a "public and immutable manner," "trusted agencies and even individuals can access information about Blockchain and construct a corresponding file database to store the mapping relationships between the top-level and domain-name subsystem ".

As a result, all regions can configure domain name servers according to their real needs "to ensure the speed of access to the Internet without being limited by other institutions."

The proposed system also separates the two-tiered domain name system, each corresponding to a system of subdomain names, continues. How the subdomain system is designed and decided by the TLD holder. Thus, the patent application states that "the subdomain name system can be designed as a centralized system or decentralized system according to the will of the institutions".